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EntityDefinition.cs File Reference

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class  Terraria.ModLoader.Config.EntityDefinition
 Classes implementing EntityDefinition serve to function as a way to save and load the identities of various Terraria objects. Only the identity is preserved, no other data such as stack size, damage, etc. These classes are well suited for ModConfig, but can be saved and loaded in a TagCompound as well. More...
class  Terraria.ModLoader.Config.ItemDefinition
 ItemDefinition represents an Item identity. A typical use for this class is usage in ModConfig, perhapse to facilitate an Item tweaking mod. More...
class  Terraria.ModLoader.Config.NPCDefinition
class  Terraria.ModLoader.Config.PrefixDefinition
class  Terraria.ModLoader.Config.ProjectileDefinition
class  Terraria.ModLoader.Config.ToFromStringConverter< T >
 This TypeConverter facilitates converting to and from the string Type. This is necessary for Objects that are to be used as Dictionary keys, since the JSON for keys needs to be a string. Classes annotated with this TypeConverter need to implement a static FromString method that returns T. More...


namespace  Terraria.ModLoader.Config