Terraria ModLoader
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
ModCommand.cs File Reference

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class  Terraria.ModLoader.ChatCommandCaller
interface  Terraria.ModLoader.CommandCaller
class  Terraria.ModLoader.ConsoleCommandCaller
class  Terraria.ModLoader.ModCommand
 This class represents a chat or console command. Use the CommandType to specify the scope of the command. More...
class  Terraria.ModLoader.PlayerCommandCaller
class  Terraria.ModLoader.UsageException


namespace  Terraria.ModLoader


enum  Terraria.ModLoader.CommandType { Terraria.ModLoader.CommandType.Chat = 1, Terraria.ModLoader.CommandType.Server = 2, Terraria.ModLoader.CommandType.Console = 4, Terraria.ModLoader.CommandType.World = 8 }
 A flag enum representing context where this command operates. More...