Terraria ModLoader
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
SoundType.cs File Reference

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namespace  Terraria.ModLoader


enum  Terraria.ModLoader.SoundType {
  Terraria.ModLoader.SoundType.Item = 2, Terraria.ModLoader.SoundType.NPCHit = 3, Terraria.ModLoader.SoundType.NPCKilled = 4, Terraria.ModLoader.SoundType.Custom = 50,
  Terraria.ModLoader.SoundType.Music = 51
 This is an enum of the types of sound you can add to the game. This is used for determining whether a sound is a music or a sound effect. If it's a sound effect, it's also used for determining the "type" passed to Main.PlaySound (first parameter) that is required in order for a sound to play; 2 for item sounds, 3 for npcHit sounds, 4 for npcKilled sounds, and SoundLoader.customSoundType for anything else. More...