Terraria ModLoader
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
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1 using Microsoft.Xna.Framework;
3 namespace Terraria.ModLoader
4 {
8  public class TooltipLine
9  {
13  public readonly string mod;
17  public readonly string Name;
21  public string text;
25  public bool isModifier = false;
29  public bool isModifierBad = false;
33  public Color? overrideColor = null;
35  internal bool oneDropLogo = false;
96  public TooltipLine(Mod mod, string name, string text) {
97  this.mod = mod.Name;
98  this.Name = name;
99  this.text = text;
100  }
102  internal TooltipLine(string mod, string name, string text) {
103  this.mod = mod;
104  this.Name = name;
105  this.text = text;
106  }
108  internal TooltipLine(string name, string text) {
109  this.mod = "Terraria";
110  this.Name = name;
111  this.text = text;
112  }
113  }
114 }
This class serves as a way to store information about a line of tooltip for an item. You will create and manipulate objects of this class if you use the ModifyTooltips hook.
Definition: TooltipLine.cs:8
string text
The actual text that this tooltip displays.
Definition: TooltipLine.cs:21
readonly string Name
The name of the tooltip, used to help you identify its function.
Definition: TooltipLine.cs:17
virtual string Name
Stores the name of the mod. This name serves as the mod's identification, and also helps with saving ...
Definition: Mod.cs:42
readonly string mod
The name of the mod adding this tooltip line. This will be "Terraria" for all vanilla tooltip lines...
Definition: TooltipLine.cs:13
Mod is an abstract class that you will override. It serves as a central place from which the mod's co...
Definition: Mod.cs:24
TooltipLine(Mod mod, string name, string text)
Creates a tooltip line object with the given mod, identifier name, and text.
Definition: TooltipLine.cs:96