Terraria ModLoader
A mod to make and play Terraria mods
Terraria.ModLoader.Audio.Music Class Referenceabstract
+ Inheritance diagram for Terraria.ModLoader.Audio.Music:

Public Member Functions

virtual void CheckBuffer ()
abstract void Pause ()
abstract void Play ()
abstract void Reset ()
abstract void Resume ()
abstract void SetVariable (string name, float value)
abstract void Stop (AudioStopOptions options)

Static Public Member Functions

static implicit operator Music (Cue cue)


abstract bool IsPaused [get]
abstract bool IsPlaying [get]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 10 of file MusicWrappers.cs.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void Terraria.ModLoader.Audio.Music.CheckBuffer ( )

Reimplemented in Terraria.ModLoader.Audio.MusicStreaming.

Definition at line 21 of file MusicWrappers.cs.

21 { }
static implicit Terraria.ModLoader.Audio.Music.operator Music ( Cue  cue)

Definition at line 12 of file MusicWrappers.cs.

12 { return new MusicCue() { cue = cue }; }
abstract void Terraria.ModLoader.Audio.Music.Pause ( )
pure virtual
abstract void Terraria.ModLoader.Audio.Music.Play ( )
pure virtual
abstract void Terraria.ModLoader.Audio.Music.Resume ( )
pure virtual
abstract void Terraria.ModLoader.Audio.Music.SetVariable ( string  name,
float  value 
pure virtual
abstract void Terraria.ModLoader.Audio.Music.Stop ( AudioStopOptions  options)
pure virtual

Property Documentation

abstract bool Terraria.ModLoader.Audio.Music.IsPaused

Definition at line 13 of file MusicWrappers.cs.

abstract bool Terraria.ModLoader.Audio.Music.IsPlaying

Definition at line 14 of file MusicWrappers.cs.